Sunday, January 21, 2007

Day Trip to Siena

This Friday I took a day trip to Siena. It was a short bus ride from Florence, and the scenery through Tuscany was beautiful, even in January! Visiting Siena was a nice change from the bustle of Florence- it has smaller streets, more hills, and very few cars. The major sights include: Il Campo, the sight of the famous Palio horse race, and the ornate gothic Duomo. The church was never completed, so visitors can enjoy a great view of the city by climbing to the top of the unfinished nave.


Emily said...

Hey Liser: This is a message from your big sister, The Em Em. Glad to hear you're doing well...Just a little advice (as I always give) -- remember to relax and do what you want to get the most out of the experience (freedom can be scary, I know...)

Here's a good recipe site, especially useful when you have ingredients you don't know what to do with:

Jon said...

Ciao Lisa, questo รจ il vostro brother-in-law, Jonathan. Spero che stiate divertendosi in Italia. Studi duro in moda da poterli essere voi una buona guida di giro e del traduttore per la vostra famiglia. Il dio benedice, Jonathan